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Haulage and Courier Vehicles We Offer

haulage service in bolton

Small Van

Length: 1.4m – Width: 1.4m

Height: 1.2m – Weight: 650kg

1x Pallets

rapid transport short wheelbase

Short Wheelbase (SWB)

Length: 2.4m – Width: 1.4m

Height: 1.3m – Weight: 1000kg

2x Pallets

rapid transport freight forwarder

Long Wheelbase (LWB)

Length: 3.6m – Width: 1.4m

Height: 1.6m – Weight: 1200kg

3x Pallets

haulage service in bristol

Extra-long Wheelbase (XLWB)

Length: 4.3m – Width: 1.4m

Height: 1.8m – Weight: 1000kg

4x Pallets

rapid transport luton box or curtain van with tail lift

Luton Van

Length: 4m – Width: 4m

Height: 2m – Weight: 1000kg

6x Pallets

haulage service in bradford

7.5 Tonne Truck (7.5T)

Length: 6m – Width: 2.4m

Height: 2.2m – Weight: 2500kg

10x Pallets


18 Tonne Truck (18T)

Length: 8.6m – Width: 2.4m

Height: 2.3m – Weight: 8500kg

14x Pallets

rapid transport articulated artic box or curtain truck

Articulated Lorry (Artic)

Length: 13.6m – Width: 2.4m

Height: 2.7m – Weight: 26000kg

26x Pallets